Why I'm sending "Reign Checks" to women affected by cancer


It was all a dream. 

After my coworkers blessed me with the most incredible care package filled with things I loved, I added "care packages" to my list of things to do. 

As of March 10, 2018, I have officially created a simple, yet thoughtful, gift to send to women affected by cancer and I call it the "Reign Check."

I can't explain to you the amount of love I poured into this project.

When I first thought about doing a care package, I thought I needed to include a ton of stuff for it to be meaningful, but I simply didn't have the money to buy a ton of stuff. So, I put it on the back burner and continued to revisit the idea and research the different components I needed to create to pull it off. 

It wasn't until the passing of a friend inspired a "Pay It Forward" Day that I decided to finally make it happen.

I was determined to create a care package even though I wasn't sure what I would fill it with or how. 

One day, I was walking around the house and I heard a voice say, "It's the shirts." 

"Well, duh," I thought. 

The shirts I design for The Lovely Lionheart are the heart and soul of my store and they're special because I used graphic tees to commemorate milestones on my cancer journey. I started my store to offer that opportunity to other strong women and their co-survivors. 

The Chopra Center talks about using "positive anchors" to shift your thoughts and energy. According to The Chopra Center, "The simplest way to explain an anchor is to think of it as a link to an emotional state. The anchor serves as a reminder or a trigger that puts you into a certain state of being."

With this information in mind, I set out to design something exceptionally special. Everything from the mailer and the card to the actual design of the graphic tees was intentional. I wanted to create something to remind women they could continue fighting the good fight, they were fighting a good fight or they fought a good fight. 

Everything was designed with lots of love and good vibes. I spent a good amount of time just designing the mailer. I really wanted women to open the box and feel good about just the thought of the gift even before they saw the actual gift. 

I think I redesigned the "Cancer Slayer" tee three times before I created something that felt both strong and feminine. After meeting some beautiful metavivors at the 2018 Young Survival Coalition Summit, I redesigned the "Undefeated" tee and added the ribbon colors for metastatic breast cancer awareness. Metavivors are the epitome of Maya Angelou's quote, "You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated."


The Lovely Lionheart is just getting started. So, I had to save money to send off my first five Reign Checks and I look forward to saving money to do it again because it's by far the most special thing I've ever done and the best investment I've ever made.

I'm trusting that God will not only bless the The Lovely Lionheart, he'll bless me with the opportunity to encourage more women affected by cancer. 

Here's to the beginning of something beautiful. 

For more information about Reign Checks visit thelovelylionheart.com/pages/reignchecks.