If you love them, let them know

Lisa was a beautiful spirit.

I met her at my first Young Survival Coalition summit and we immediately clicked.

She was funny, kind and compassionate. And when she passed away unexpectedly a few months after we met, my heart ached.

I was sad because as soon as we left the summit, I started looking forward to reuniting with everyone and I didn’t remember having a chance to tell her goodbye. I was also taken back by the number of comments on her Facebook page from her friends and family that said Lisa didn’t know how much she meant to them.

I couldn’t comprehend why, though.

Why do we go through life never telling people how much they mean to us while they can hear it?

And what difference does it make if we tell Facebook, but we never took the time to tell the person?

Optimus Prime said it best, “The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they love them while they're alive.”

So, after Lisa passed, I decided I would tell people when they crossed my mind or when God laid them on my heart. The result is what probably feels like random texts to share my gratitude, my love, my appreciation and my well wishes. While the timing may seem random, my actions are always intentional.

Because the odds of me being diagnosed with breast cancer at 26 were pretty slim and if I’m honest with you, I just want to make it to the next year cancer free. But I don’t know what the future holds for me or any of the people I care about. So, I’m willing to risk freaking people out for a few minutes to tell them what they mean to me. My only hope is they’ll get the message and choose to do the same.

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