Baby Talk: We're talking surrogacy

Last week, I had my six-month survivorship appointment with my breast surgeon. We talked boobs and babies and her recommendation was clear. 

"If ever there was someone who needed a surrogate, it would be you," she said. 

I found relief in having a direction to go in.

For months, we questioned whether or not we needed to be preparing to implant embryos or adopt or find a surrogate.

Obviously, we're not looking to make any moves right now, but the next steps make a big difference financially. 

I think that's why I also felt a little stressed about the thought of NEEDING a surrogate. My understanding is surrogacy is VERY expensive. With everything else going on, I'm not in the mood to really research it. 

I think I will focus on the positive. We have six embryos and we know what we're preparing for, now. Surrogacy.  

God didn't bring us this far to leave us. It is well.