Saving the Babies | He made a way (Part 1)

Standing here not knowing how we’ll get through this test, but holding onto faith you know best. Nothing can catch you by surprise. You’ve got this figured out and you’re watching us now.- Travis Greene

My OBGYN was the doctor that finally listened to my concern about my breast. So, in February, I had a chance to circle back with her to thank her and ask how we could move forward with treatment without losing our chance to have babies.

She said her gut was telling her to send us to a fertility clinic, freeze embryos and remove my ovaries. The goal is to complete IVF before radiation starts in April.

She told us there were three clinics she had in mind, but there was one in particular that she felt would be best. She gave us the contact information and I made an appointment right away.

Thursday, March 2, Souers and I went to the fertility clinic and met with a reproductive endocrinologist. We explained our situation and told him our biggest concern was that we didn’t think we could afford fertility preservation treatments with everything else we have going on right now.

He looked us in the eyes and said he would never want money to come between someone having the opportunity to preserve their fertility, especially because of circumstances beyond their control. He said they’d work with us to get the medicines covered and we could do a payment plan for everything else.

March 9, we went back to the fertility clinic to do an ultrasound and labs. Our IVF coordinator gave us a link to Livestrong Fertility to get the medicines we needed for our IVF cycle at no cost. They said we needed to get the paperwork done that day, but as I was completing the forms that night I realized there was information I didn’t have. It also required one of my oncologists to sign a document outlining the treatment plan.

Everything happened so fast.

I didn’t have time to discuss the needs of this program with my oncologist before the deadline. I emailed my IVF coordinator for the missing information. I also emailed my radiation oncologist a link to the form and called her office and left a message explaining what we needed.

The next day, after battling with recurring nausea all week as a side effect from my “cancer pill,” Tamoxifen, I got sick at work. I went home early, but while I was sitting in the car outside my house, I received a call from Livestrong saying they still needed paperwork from my doctors.

IVF ideally is done in tandem with your monthly cycle and we were expecting mine to start the following Monday, March 13.

My Livestrong case manager said if I could get all my paperwork in by 2 p.m., they could send the medications that day and I’d have them by Saturday. Instead of resting, I spent the next two hours chasing down doctors and checking in with my case manager.

I called my radiation oncologist’s office and asked to speak to the nurse working with my case. I explained what we needed and she informed me that my oncologist would be out until next Thursday.

I started to panic inside.

I tried my other oncologist’s office and all I could do was leave a message. I emailed our IVF coordinator and explained what we needed from the reproductive endocrinologist and that a hard copy needed to be uploaded, it could NOT be electronically signed — the link wouldn’t work.

Finally, our Livestrong case manager called and said if we could get the papers in by 2:30 p.m., we’d still be okay. I just needed to make sure I answered the phone when she called me back.

The tides began to turn.

Around 1:40 p.m., I received a call saying my oncologist was able to login remotely and the form was signed. One down. One to go.

My IVF coordinator asked for my login information so they could get the form signed and uploaded.

I watched as 2 p.m. came and went. I constantly refreshed my Livestrong login  and waited for all the forms to say “submitted.”

Then, at 2:08 p.m, everything had been uploaded.

WE DID IT!!!!!

I waited impatiently for my Livestrong case manager to call me back  at 2:30 p.m.


Finally, I called back the number my Livestrong case manager called me from. It was after 3:00 p.m. at this time and without a direct line I was sent to a  general switch board.

“Hi, I’m trying to reconnect with my case manager Brandy. She said if I completed my forms by 2:30 my medicine would be sent today, but I haven’t received a call back.”

“Brandy’s not available, but I can help you. What’s your name?” said “she who shall remain nameless.”

I said and spelt my name.

“Oh, yeah… your form just came in.”

“Excuse me?”

“Yeah, it says your form was just submitted.”

“Well, that’s odd because I saw everything read “submitted” on my end at 2:10,” I responded.

“No. It just came in at 3:19 p.m.”

“No…It was definitely submitted an hour ago.”

“Maybe it’s a timezone problem because it says it was just submitted at 3:19 p.m.”

I internally called b.s. looking at my clock — 3:19 p.m. How was there a timezone issue if we were in the same timezone?

Then, “she who shall remain nameless” moved on to the next part of her lie…

“Oh, the problem is the reproductive endocrinologist did the digital form and they needed to upload a hard copy,” she said.

“Well, I’m looking at not one, but two forms uploaded from my screen. So…” I waited for another silly response.

“Oh… Well, it was submitted late anyways. So, I can do the verification for you now, but your medicines won’t be sent today. You should have it by next Tuesday.”

I was so angry with that representative I didn’t know what to do. I moved forward with the verification process and tried to keep the blessing in perspective. We didn’t have to cover the cost for any of our medicine, but I wasn’t sure how much good that would do, if it arrived too late.

Frustrated was becoming my favorite word.

So, after some encouragement from my mom, I decided to call them back to speak to my case manager and figure out what went wrong. Their office closed at 4 p.m., but I called back close to 3:50 p.m. and guess who answered the phone…again.

As soon as “she who shall remain nameless” answered the phone, I hung up.

That was it.

I did everything I could have done.

Suddenly, my phone rang  — it was Livestrong.

I just knew the rude rep. was calling me back. So, I let it ring for a second, preparing for the foolishness that was sure to follow my decision to answer.

“This is Jasmine.”

“Hey Jasmine, this is Brandy.”

“Hey, Brandy!”

“Hey, I’m sorry. I got caught up on the phone and I don’t know what time the forms came in, but I just wanted you to know I called in a favor at the post office and they said they’d make an exception just for me. So, you’ll receive your medicine tomorrow, but I only have a few minutes to wrap this up. So, I won’t have time to send your acceptance letter over today. Is that okay?”

I thanked her through tears. This is just another example of how God was placing the right people in our path to get things done and move us forward. From my OBGYN selecting this  particular fertility clinic to Livestrong Fertility and getting the right rep. the first time.

God made a way where it felt like there was no way and I ask that he continue to do this in accordance to His will as continue on this journey.


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