Baby Talk: Paging Dr. Souers

It's no secret (well, maybe it is) Souers and I have recently embarked on a new mission to preserve my fertility before I undergo additional surgeries, treatments and procedures.

We have a couple of weeks before radiation to freeze embryos. Then, we'll move on to the breast reconstruction surgery and planning the oophorectomy, one of the toughest decisions I've had to make thus far.

Last night, Souers did my first injection and I'm proud to say not only did I survive, but Souers did a pretty good job. Aside from the occasional protest about how the needle was being held a lot like a dart, the process was pretty smooth and it didn't hurt too bad.

This whole thing is a huge risk, but we've already come a long way to get to this point. From having our medicines donated by Livestrong Fertility in the ninth hour to having a fertility clinic willing to let us pay off procedures that would normally need to be paid upfront.

My heart sings knowing we'll have babies "on freeze" at the end of this month. So many times God has a made a way for this to work in our favor. I trust this good work will be brought to completion.

My prayer is that we'll be at peace with our family-planning at the end of this process and that we'll be blessed with healthy babies in two years when I'm able to take a break from Tamoxifen.

Fingers crossed and prayers up!


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