No chemo!

Two weeks ago, my breast surgeon called to give me a heads up. Their recommendation had changed. She explained after further review,  I would have to do chemo and suggested Souers and I start looking into egg preservation before I start treatment.

I cried out of fear, frustration and disappointment.

Chemo was not part of the original plan.

I had just started to get excited about life after my final surgery later this year and I was being told those plans were going to be put on hold, yet, again.

We bought the wigs. We looked at head coverings. We prayed for strength. We prayed for peace. We prayed for courage. We prayed chemo wouldn’t steal our chance to have our own babies because my insurance would not cover infertility treatments. We prayed for few rounds and high tolerance to side effects.

But recently, I read that everything we go through is for the glory of God. Every vision we have for ourselves, families, businesses, etc. are all given for that purpose. So, I changed my prayer a couple of nights ago. I asked that God work in my life in such a way that when I succeed people know that it was only because of Him.

Last night, when I cried because I didn’t want any bad news today, my mom and I prayed the same thing together.

Today, we went to discuss the chemo treatment plan with my medical oncologist and she said she didn’t see any reason why I would need chemo. We were confused.

She made some calls to make sure she had accurate reports and again, said with all things considered, there was no need for chemo.

So, I walked out of her office with a pill to take for five years and a two-year baby delay, but I thought I was walking into months of chemo and a lifetime of side effects and infertility.

This is just one of the many ways God has showed up and showed out throughout this ordeal. So thankful for all the prayer warriors pulling me through and praying for similar news Thursday when I visit my radiation oncologist.

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